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Start tackling your debt today

Many Canadians have some amount of debt in their lives. Often, it’s an amount that can be managed or paid off in a short amount of time. But it’s when the amount of debt becomes a source of stress that it’s important to make a plan to deal with it.

The resources below will help you take the necessary steps to deal with debt. These include action-planning resources, making a list of what you owe, and budgeting worksheets. The worksheets will also encourage you to stay in touch with your personal values, which ultimately guide our money management habits. Finally, we describe options for who to talk to if the debt is too much to manage on your own.

Some worksheet resources in this toolkit are available as fillable PDFs. Download and save the PDF to your computer and fill in your information. Please open with Adobe Acrobat Reader for full functionality.

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We recommend filling in these worksheets in the sequence they appear. However, if you already know the task that is the most relevant for your debt situation, feel free to download that worksheet first and make your action plan from there.

If you’ve already completed the worksheets in the previous section, you are well on your way towards dealing with your debt. This section has more resources to help you with other topics that may be relevant for you.

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Take charge of your spending

Get tools and tips to make a budget and save for your goals.

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Learn about tax filing and benefits

Plan for your tax refund, learn about income benefits, and more.

Unlock the tool that's right for you

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My Money in Canada

My money in Canada provides important information about Canada’s financial system and promotes positive money management habits to support you to succeed financially.

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Benefits wayfinder

The Benefits wayfinder can help you find benefits to raise your income and lower your expenses.

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Free RDSP Calculator for Canadians

The RDSP Calculator is a tool to help you assess the potential of opening and contributing to a Registered Disability Savings Plan.

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